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It plays nice with UNIX pipes and offers extensive functionality for interrogating, manipulating and working with JSON file.

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I would like import the JSON file (what has the same structure as a file what I previously exported via web UI) using HTTP API.

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Here is a Player Management API example submitting the data as a separate JSON file: curl --request.

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You can even try curl the remote JSON file instead using cat from the downloaded file.

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Process JSON file(s): This is a ForEach Loop container that drives looping through a list of files.

Learn how to use curl like functionality in SSIS without coding.I know that via PUT this could be done with the --upload-file option. curl. Send POST Request with Data Specified in File.

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There is a private REST-API call to deploy build-info files to Artifactory, so you will be able to generate a build info JSON file (same as the plugin generates for...

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For more help with submitting files with your metadata, go to File Submission.

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I m trying to get a free JSON source of oil price data into a HighCharts StockChart from a different server with cURL.The result will be a list of track details in json data format.

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Making API Requests Using cURL. you can use the -d flag with a real file: curl -X POST -H.

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